Monday, October 25, 2010

Pregnancy update

So, a few months ago Jackson and I where talking and he told me that he had a baby sister and that she needed to come right now. He told me her name and said he talked to her all the time. I told him that someday he might have a baby sister but right now he just as a little baby brother. A couple weeks later I found out I was pregnant. When I told Jackson that he was getting a new sibling he was like yeah I know I talk to her all the time, no big news. He talks about his baby sister all the time. Sometimes its just casual and asking how big the baby is now. He'll talk to my belly and tell the baby how excited he his. But sometimes he's still pretty serious about it. He talks about her like they've had a relationship for a long time. Like they've been talking to each other recently. Jackson likes looking at the picture of the baby from the ultrasound. He likes knowing how big the baby is and asks every few days.

Right now I'm 11 weeks and the baby is the size of a lime. Jackson really liked that. Last week I had another check up with the midwife. Everything was really good. I got to hear the heartbeat of the baby. So, now I've seen and heard the baby's heartbeat. Which makes me feel so much better and I'm a lot less nervous now. After having 2 miscarriages for weeks I really thought the same thing would happen again. I hated going to the bathroom. Now that there is a really good strong heartbeat that I've heard I know there's a baby doing good in there and I can breath a little easier. I really like my midwife a lot. She's a lot more in line with my way of thinking. I would love to have a homebirth with a really natural midwife but its just not possibility with me and my babies. So, I'll have to do a natural hospital birth with this midwife. She is all for natural delivery and a lot of the things I do and don't want during pregnancy. Since I'm still considered high risk I will see the perinatoligist for my 20 week check up and level 2 ultrasound(where we will be finding out if its for sure a girl or a boy and that will be right before Christmas so that will be fun). After that I'll go over his recommendations with my midwife on what we feel is a good course of action for the rest of the pregnancy( like any more ultrasounds, NST's and such)

I've been really sick with this pregnancy. It's been different for every one. With Jackson I had hyperemesis. I was throwing up constantly and needed a PICC line for daily IV fluids and medicine. It lasted the entire pregnancy. With Noah I was sick and had morning sickness stuff. I was constantly nauseous but was able to eat and function. This time its in between. I'm constantly feeling like I'm going to throw up 24/7. I can hardly eat or drink anything. Most food sounds horrible although I do get occasional craving that last a day or two. I've had to go in to get IV fluids because I was so dehydrated once. I'm hoping this ends soon. I don't want to go the entire pregnancy like this. I really hope before the holidays come. Although its probably a good thing for halloween that I still don't feel like eating anything.


  1. (((((Hugz))))) I'm so sorry to hear about the nausea. Are you on zofran? Last time I went to my OB I told him that I wouldn't be having any more children because I just couldn't deal with HG again. He said that they were testing an accupressure band that works on 60% of women, and were trying to figure out which 60%. He said if it works, it works within 20 minutes and they were giving them to women to try in the office. That was quite a few months ago, but I can ask for further info if you're interested. I think it's so cool that Jackson feels so strongly about the baby. <3

  2. Awww... I am going to be amazed if Jackson is right about the baby being a girl. And watch out for a really strong bond, because you never know... Jackson may have had a revalation come to him or something about the baby!!! :-)