Monday, January 24, 2011

24 weeks baby

I'm now 24 weeks pregnant. That means the baby is now viable and has a chance of survival(about 50%) if he where to come now. It feels really good to get to this point. After loosing 2 pregnancies before and the scare we had last week I feel better this week. Now we just need to come up with a name for this little guy. Michael and I can't agree on anything. He has a couple of names that he likes that I don't. I have a huge list of names that I like,none that I love, and he hates all of them.

I've had a pretty rough time this pregnancy. I've developed an autonomic dysfunction causing me to have pretty severe tachycardia(really fast heartrate). Since my heart is racing all of the time it puts stress on my body. I saw a cardioligist just before Christmas and he said the way your body feels is like being in congestive heart failure.(I'm not in heart failure its just the way my body feels). We've been having a hard time finding a treatment for this and one that we can do while I'm pregnant. Not much luck so far. We've just been having to deal with me feeling horrible most of the time. Thats why I haven't blogged at all lately.

Last week we had a little bit of scare. I was getting Noah up from his nap and I was standing at the top of the stairs. I don't remember what happened next but the next thing I know is I'm almost all the way down an entire flight of stairs. I grabbed the railing but we where at the bottom already. Noah was fine and held my neck the entire time. I think he was mostly scare and cried for a few minutes but then got up and started playing. Thankfully he was fine. I was unable to move at first then got up and realized how much pain I was in. I called my midwife and she sent me to labor/delivery. They put me on the monitor and I was having some contractions. They weren't constant but I was having quite a few. After they checked out the baby for awhile and made sure the baby was doing ok they sent me down to the ER to get checked out. My tailbone was broken but not much they could do for that. There was some questions if had broken my neck and so I had to have some xrays of my neck and shoulder. Nothing else was broken just bruised,cut and sprained all over. They where able to do some incredible blood tests to make sure the baby was doing ok. All of the test came back really good. The baby was doing fine. But I was still having contractions so they sent me back upstairs to labor/delivery to be monitored. I had to go 6 hours without having contractions before I could go home. Thankfully during the night around 2 they stopped and I was able to go the next morning. I'm feeling better now just have the broken tail bone which makes things difficult when trying to play or take care of the kids. The next day I went back to meet with my midwife and to recheck the baby to make sure everything was still fine. I'm really glad I went with the midwife I did. I'm still getting care from and midwife who's trying to help me have a natural pregnancy/delivery but she is also in a group that is at the hospital that has and OB over them that was giving the medical orders while I was in the hospital. I knew the OB that was treating me and she knew my history and wants for my pregnancy. Hopefully things will get better from here. No more going up and down the stairs for me especially while carrying Noah. Its been a week and he's starting to get used scooting down the stairs with me instead of me picking him up.