Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Trip

We took a trip out to Utah for my BIL Matt's wedding. We had a great time.

First day we drove to Colorado and stayed at Michael's moms house. We spent about 12 hours in the car. We stopped in the middle of kansas at a rest stop to have a picnic lunch and let the kids run around. Despite being in the car for so many hours the kids did really good. I was really worried about how the kids would do in the car. I even thought about buying a dvd player for the car(which normally I wouldn't do). But I loaded up a box of books, crayons, small toys, and favorite stuffed animals and put in between their seats. We brought tons of favorite snacks and all of the kids music.

The second day we drove from Colorado to Utah. The kids did ok in the car. It was less hours in the car but I don't think we timed the rest stops as well. We got to Utah and stayed with Michael's aunt for a couple of nights. The boys got to play with their cousins Brenden and Malcolm. They got along really well. Too bad we don't live closer to them still.

Then Friday night we upto Layton/Bountiful area for the wedding. Friday and Saturday nights we stayed in hotel. Jackson loved getting to swim the hotel pool. The first night it took him awhile to be ok with the water,he's still scared for an incident earlier this summer. But thanks to Aunt Nicole, who swims at BYU-I and his lifeguard, got him out in the water and having fun.

Saturday morning was the wedding at the Bountiful temple. Here is the happy couple coming out after the wonderful sealing.

Jackson and Noah waited outside the temple. They looked so handsome dressed up. We didn't get a great picture of them together but they really looked cute.

The wedding reception was the later that day. It was a beautiful reception that was outside. It was incredibly hot that day and I was worried about Jackson over heating so we let him wear shorts to the reception. The boys loved dancing around to the music and playing with cousin Brenden.

We had another fun night playing in the hotel that night.

Sunday we drove down to Salt Lake and stopped at temple square. We didn't have a lot of time but we walked around outside the temple and went in the visitors center to look at the Cristus statue.

After that we drove back down to provo and stopped by to visit our friends Derrick and Stephanie. They where our best friends when we lived in Provo. It was great see them again. It didn't take Jackson any time at all to start playing with them and running all over the house.

After leaving Provo we drove back to colorado and got there about 1 in the morning. The next morning we got up and spent some more time visiting and saying goodbye to family. Then we got on the road to head back to Missouri. This last drive was the worst day of driving out of the 4 days we spent driving. One kid would sleep 30 minutes, while the other was upset, then the other would fall asleep and one wake up and start screaming. Then after a couple hours they both went to pretty much crying the rest of the way home. We had to stop a lot at random places because they where crying so much. During a stretch in Kansas in the middle of no where Noah was screaming. There was no where to pull over at all. I had a thought to sing primary songs to the boys and then we sang their songs we sing at night. After like 45 minutes of singing they both fell asleep. Although it was rough we made it home in the middle the night. Poor Jackson had to get up the next morning for his first day of school. Not the best way to start the school year but it all worked out.

Other highlights of our trip. Getting to visit with lots of family, aunts, grandparents, cousins. Eating at bajio, cafe rio, and fudruckers. (Why do we have no good food places in Missouri, seriously!) We also had lots of good food prepared by wonderful family. Stopping at the BYU campus and going to the bookstore. I wanted to get Jackson a souvenir from our Utah trip so we got him his first scripture case that has a BYU logo on it. Now he can take his own Book of Mormon to church on Sundays. Noah got a little BYU basketball on it. Noah still absolutely loves any ball. Watching Jackson see and learn lots of knew things. In Kansas there is lots of oil rigs pumping. Jackson loved watching them and learning about oil. It was pretty funny too. There was some that weren't pumping and Jackson said they where sick and needed some medicine so they could pump again for its friends. There where also lots of wind turbines spinning. Jackson learned about the turbines making energy. On our drive from colorado to Utah Jackson got see mountains( he doesn't remember living in Utah and seeing them before) His favorite part was driving through the tunnels and getting to go through the mountains. We probably listened to the polar express soundtrack over 30 times. Jackson now asks to stop at rest stops so he can "rest" because he's tired but he really just wants to run around and play. Over all it was a great trip and the boys had so much fun.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a good time, despite the screaming/crying on the way home!

    Oh, and there is a Fuddruckers in Independence. It's on Noland Road North of I-70