Thursday, March 17, 2011

Noah turns 2!

I'm a little behind on things but I really want to get the blog caught back up. Noah turned 2 the end of January. He's such a little cutie wearing this adorable birthday shirt with a football on it. Footballs are by far his most favorite thing in the world to play with. He calls them buh balls. We have one of those rope buckets that has all of the balls in it and its completely full of different balls but several footballs Noah has collected. We took the boys out to eat on his birthday. They loved it! The next weekend we had a little family party for him with cousins and stuff.

His "cheese" face

Blowing out the candle on his cake!

I wanted to make him his birthday cake and improve on last years cake but my health just wasn't up to it. But I did bake this chocolate cake from scratch.

The boys after the party. Noah loved his brother Jackson's lightning mcqueen blanket so he got one of his for his birthday.

He also got some farm animals and a new ball.

Here are some cute pictures of the 2 year old who loves to dress himself.

More about sweet little Noah. He is a very active little boy. Climbing, running, and jumping everywhere. You can tell he has such a natural athletic ability. He can throw balls with aim, kick a soccer ball everywhere. He loves to wrestle and can pull Jackson down,who's double his weight, and roll him over to pin him. He LOVES balls and has long as he has one he's happy no matter what we're doing. He adores his big brother and wants to be doing everything he does. He anxiously waits by the door every day for Jackson to come home from school and screams with joy when he sees the bus. He loves to snuggle, give hugs and kisses.

Noah's oral motor skills are improving. He no longer needs his liquids thickened and he's finally not coughing when he drinks something. He's eating and chewing a lot more. He's even had 2 new foods this week and loved them! We have an appointment next week for his 2 year check up and to check his weight. We'll find out how he's doing weight wise. I don't think he's continuing to loose weight but he's not gaining much either. His talking is also improving and he has lots of words now. Most of them are pretty cute to hear him say them and some of them I'm the only one who can understand. He's even had a few phrases so overall he's doing really good. He's still getting OT and speech every week and he's doing better when they come over.

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