Monday, July 26, 2010

First Post

Picture taken of Jackson and Noah driving the fire truck on the playground

So after deciding on starting this blog I couldn't decide on what to do as my first post. I kept thinking about the different topics that I would post about or describing myself but what it came down to is being a mother. That's why I started this blog. I have found my greatest joy in being a mother. I've grown and changed over the past 4 years and learned so many new things. My children are my joy and make me want to be a better mother for them. This will be about my family with updates on my kids, things I've learned, and things that have helped me be the mother I am. Topics may include, of course, my kids, natural family living, breastfeeding, c0 sleeping, gentle parenting, babywearing, and anything about homemaking. I will also be updating about health concerns of my boys and navigating our way through special needs parenting.

To start off I will tell you about my boys. Jackson is 4 years old. His greatest love is for trains! He is the sweetest funniest little boy who keeps us laughing about all the random fun things he comes up with. He deals with many health concerns daily. Noah is 17 months and adores is big brother. He loves to chase him around. Nothing else matters if Jackson is around to play with. He also has a love for any balls. Any time he's playing he usually has a ball in his hand. I'll update more about them more specifically later.

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